CD: Crucial Loads


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Drive-By Bukkake’s full length album “Crucial Loads” on CD. Contains 14 tracks of thrash / grind / death metal debauchery with various New England metal vocal guest spots. Learn more about this release.

In stock


01. Joe Pesci’s Cum Dumpster (w/Aaron from Hivesmasher + Chris KES)
02. Jackhammer Abortion (w/Steve from The Summoned)
03. Sidewalk Insemination (w/John from Nitro Party)
04. Bowling with Taka Michinoku (w/Evan from Scattered Remnants)
05. Coke Fuck River (w/Larry Martin)
06. Creampie Vending Machine (w/Michael from Wombeater)
07. Lard Guzzler (w/Adam from Goratory)
08. Thrash of the Champions (w/Shaun from Fetal Erection)
09. Crimson Mask (w/Corey from Fabricator)
10. Oozing Doom (w/Jeff from Blood of the Gods)
11. Cocaine Buffet (w/Keith from Panzerbastard)
12. Used Food (w/Billy from Shroud)
13. Wrapped in Barb Wire (w/Scott from Dysentery)
14. Fight for Your Right (Beastie Boys cover w/Friends)


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