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New (summer 2022) album
from Drive-By Bukkake!
DBB - Bastards of Slime - album cover - Drive-By Bukkake - Worcester, MA - Thrash Grind Death Metal Band

“Gore For Your Dollar was awesome, was that a saxophone?” (Steve from The Summoned)

“Drive-By Bukkake are undeniably having a ball on this recording. Tons of blistering guitars and blast beats. The perfect amount of savagery.” (Trve Kvlt Coffee)

“Welcome to your new favourite band. Give it a go, but remember to have a laugh.” (Mark G.)

This is DBB’s best work! Enjoyed the fuck outta the first listen.” (Corey L.)

“Yo, these bass drops. RIP my speakers.” (Corey D.)

“This album has some really funny samples in it.” (Zomnificent)

“Despite the utterly ridiculous band name and song titles, this is pretty solid deathgrind with a bunch of crazy elements including slam riffs and Mortician levels of samples, a fun listen all round.” (The Heavy Communion)

“Short, grindy outrages and hardcore intensity.” (Thrash Metal Guide)

“A kick ass record!” (The Deadstation.)

“Soma Coma had the best sample to end on.” (Will M.)

“I feel like my knob was cranked just a little beyond the breaking point.” (Jim from Vilanvs)

“Definitely their best produced album to date and some of my favorite songs that they have ever done.” (Just Plain Filthy)

“What I was not prepared to disregard is talking trash in between songs and even in the middle of some of them. That was a joke too far for me and I tossed the album.” (Rate Your Music)

“Tireless pioneers of rotten sound. A groovy, death’n roll which would make you think of Entombed stuffed to the last degree. The production has thickened.” (Spirit of Metal)

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of Slime

DBB - Bastards of Slime - album cover - Drive-By Bukkake - Worcester, MA - Thrash Grind Death Metal Band

Friday July 8, 2022

Full Length Album


01. Jizzaster Strikes
02. Bastards of Slime
03. CümBüm
04. Spank Bank
05. Meth Nachos
06. Repulsive
07. Gore For Your Dollar
08. Cocaine Buffet 2000
09. Sap Fetish
10. Roid Bloat
11. Big Boy Tuff Stuff
12. Soma Coma

Staff + Notes:

Song Arrangement:
DBB (Brian, John, Tim, Greg)

Engineering Location(s):
Sonic Titan Studios – Shelburne Falls, MA

Engineering + Mixing:
Anthony Medaglia (Atheist)

Tim Brault (Hivesmasher)

Art Layout + Photography:
Gauntlet Creative

Saxophone on Track 7:
Tyler Kingsland (Hivesmasher)

Drive-By Bukkake

Compact Disc, Digital

Drive-By Bukkake (DBB) announce new album
“Bastards of Slime”, release cover artwork and date

WORCESTER, MA USA – The revoltingly fun, thrash / grind / death metal band Drive-By Bukkake (DBB) announce their new album “Bastards of Slime” (available everywhere Friday July 8, 2022) and release the cover artwork. Merch packages, CDs, and other items are available now for pre-order at

DBB vocalist Brian Thompson commented “Bastards of Slime has all the old gimmicks you expect from us, but yet it feels completely fresh. We had an absolute blast putting this album together. Oh and you probably noticed the new band logo and art direction… selling out pays the bills and daddy needs a winter house.”

“Bastards of Slime” was engineered at Sonic Titan Studios by Anthony Medaglia (Atheist) and was mastered by DBB’s bass player Tim Brault (Hivesmasher). Tim commented “As is clear when you listen to the record, we have zero issue tooting our own [air] horns, so it’s easy to say Bastards of Slime is the best there is, the best there was, and the best Drive By Bukkake.” DBB drummer Greg Murphy added “This was a great experience writing together during such a strange time in the world. It ended up being a great blend of all our separate influences. Actually, the guys just outsourced the drum machine and tied me to a kit.”

DBB are heavily influenced by Andrew WK, SOD, Nails, Power Trip, Suffocation, pro wrestling, and dumb movie/tv samples (which they use throughout their songs). “It’s an experience to hear them live, a show full of crunchy comedic memories” quoted

Formed in 2005, DBB have played throughout the US and Canada, including shows with Party Cannon, Parasitic Ejaculation, Meek is Murder, Eat the Turnbuckle, Chained to the Dead, Dysentery, Anal Cunt, The Summoned, and more. DBB also performed at the 2018 edition of RPM Fest and will be playing extensively beyond 2022 to promote their album “Bastards of Slime”.

Band Photo - DBB | Drive-By Bukkake | Worcester, MA USA | Thrash Grind Death Metal Band

Lineup 2022 – Left to Right:
Tim Brault (Bass + Bombs)
John Aubrey (Guitars + Vocals)
Brian Thompson (Vocals + Samples)
Greg Murphy (Drums + Falsettos)

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DBB “Bastards…” Album Art:
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DBB 2022 Promo Picture:
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DBB 2022 Logo by Thrashwolf:
Download full version here

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DBB - Drive-By Bukkake - Band Promo Pic 2022 - Worcester, MA thrash / grind / death metal band

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Drive-By Bukkake DBB - Band Logo Winter 2022 - Worcester, MA thrash / grind / death metal band

On our winter hiatus.

We’ll be back in 2023, but contact us for future bookings.


Jackhammer Abortion

Video Credit:
Sonic Titan Studios

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